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March 13, 2012
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Team Fortune by MissFluffyKitty Team Fortune by MissFluffyKitty
Updates: 4/17/13- DA was a turd and deleted my old description. So I made a new one. Enjoy.
8/23: I'm getting ready for the school year so I'll update everything else later on. Enjoy the temp. art.


+Reference Sheet [Outdated]
+Written Application 2.0

+Mission/Event/Task Log
:bulletred: Mission 5
++One Voucher Obtained
:bulletred: Mission 6
++One Voucher Obtained
:bulletred: Event 6, Part 2
++Two Evo Scrolls Obtained
:bulletred: Mission 7, Past
++Two Vouchers Obtained
:bulletred: Event 7
++One Evo Scroll Obtained
:bulletred: Mission 8
++Obtained Recycle Bin
:bulletred: Jan 2013 Task
++ 2 points and Scarlet Orb
:bulletred: Feb 2013 Task
++ 2 points
:bulletred: March 2013 Task
++ 3 points, Beedrill Powder, Perfume, Chic Bows, and Milk Bottle(-3pts)
:bulletred:May 2013 Tasks
++5 points and Happy Ball
:bulletred: June 2013 Tasks Collab
++3 points
:bulletred: August 2013 Task
++1 point!! (And some puta evolved, idk)
:bulletred: What If... Series


Lily the Espeon
Mild, Strong Willed
Psychic, Shadow Ball, Protect, HP Ice

As an Eevee:
Lily Holly Duarte is the only daughter of Attikai, a notable travelling fortune teller, and Ivy Mimosa Duarte, the daughter of a wealthy banker in Alomomola City. She was born and raised in Tao Woods by her father and his business partner, Old Man. By the time Lily’s egg hatched, Ivy had already passed away. Due to his nature, and inability to stay in one place for too long, Attikai and Old Man often ventured off from their humble home to make their living, leaving Lily all alone, or in the care of a trusted neighbor. As a result, Lily learned how to fend for herself at a very young age. Attikai would always come back and spoke of places far away to his daughter, making her intrigued with the land outside the woods. Once Lily was older, Attikai and Old Man would stay away for longer periods of time, so Lily began to explore areas outside of Tao Woods. It was then where she discovered Tao Village and the Merchant guild. Fascinated with the thought of working and actually getting paid with money, something her father often refused to do unless absolutely necessary, Lily decided to leave her home and join PK’s guild. On her way to Tao Village, she would bump into a lost Riolu and quickly befriended Norah.

As an Espeon:
Being a psychic type is a big help with it comes to fortune telling. In her new body, Lily is able to get a much clearer view in her newly acquired Spoink’s Pearl and so, she is now accepting customers more frequently than before.

+She discovered her natural knack for fortune telling when she was very young and playing with Old Man’s pearl.
+Old Man’s pearl is very precious to her and she is quite over protective about it. Lily will only allow her parents and Norah to touch it.
+Her relationship with Mimosa appears odd to many, but seem to fit the two well. Lily still calls her mother a “flying demon” when the Misdreavus gets mad.


Norah the Riolu
Modest, Good Endurance
Drain Punch, Ice Punch, Dig, HP Dragon

Norah’s egg was found abandoned in Windswept Woods near the settlement of the Focus Clan. The Clan’s leader, Head Elder Tai, took in the egg and raised Norah as if she were her own child. Because a majority of the clan’s members are older veteran warriors from all around the world, Norah learned at a young age how to fight and defend herself from predators, though it was rare for her to venture away from the settlement. Of course, curiosity got the best of her and Norah one day went to Alomomola City. It was a love at first sight for the Riolu, and after gaining approval from her Head Elder, Norah attempted to join the Merchant Dock’s staff. However, do to her lack of experience and Anana’s work ethic, Norah was turned away by the Kecleon. Norah eventually saw Alomomola City as it was; beautiful upon first glance, by filled with secrets it would like to keep hidden from the public. All hope was not lost. In what would be her last trip to Alomomola, Norah heard of a village in the South where there was another Merchant guild, ran by Anana’s sister, PK. With the blessing of Tai, Norah left the clan and Windswept Woods, and headed south to Tao Village. On her way there, the unseasonal snow caused her to get lost for a bit and asked an Eevee who happened to be passing by for directions.

+She is an excellent, powerful fighter but rarely resorts to violence.
+Norah’s use of the Aura is sporadic. She is unable to fully control the usage of the Aura unless under pressure.
+Whenever she uses her Hidden Power, Norah will lose control of her body and mind, and go on a rampage if not stopped.


Mimosa the Misdreavus
Sassy, Somewhat Vain
Hex, Will-O-Wisp, Swagger, HP Poison

In this life, Mimosa is a young Misdreavus who just happened to fall into the paws of Norah and Lily shortly after the Sorbet Incident. It is obvious to many that she has been reincarnated, but what is not widely known is her past identity and her ties to the team. In her past life, Mimosa was formally known as Ivy Mimosa Duarte, daughter of a wealth Pozolish banker and mother of Lily. Widely known for her beauty, and her father’s fortune, many suitors tried to woo Ivy, but to her father’s dismay, she fell in love with Attikai and ran off with him. Shortly after their honeymoon and laying a colored egg, Ivy become ill and passed away just before Lily hatched. Mimosa had been upset at first when it appeared Lily didn’t recognize her, but such worries have passed now since Lily revealed she knew all along prior to her evolution. In her second chance of life, Mimosa tries to contribute to the team as much as possible and is currently pursuing potion making as a trade and hobby.

+Mimosa prefers not to get her hands, or whatever she has, dirty and is very reluctant to engage in battles because of this.
+To anyone who severely angers or annoy this ghost, or even threaten Lily, prepare to meet this face.
+A summary of her life as Ivy.
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